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Planning for Spring and Summer Emergencies

Spring and summer emergencies vary greatly from autumn/winter emergencies in the northern states where climate changes can be from one extreme to the next in the same day. There have been many days that start off chilly at 50-60 degrees, go up over 100…

Make time for fun on the weekend with these 5 tips

5 Days to a Chore Free Weekend

 A chore free weekend sounds like a dream. When you stop to think about all of the chores, checklists and duties of managing your home I bet you start wondering where you’ll find time to fit it all in. At this point you either…

Eliminate or repurpose a Junk drawer for a more peaceful feeling at home.
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Create Peace by Eliminating a Junk Drawer

A Junk drawer can be found in just about every home or apartment.   These drawers give our little orphan rubber bands a home.  If left untamed the even the most adored Junk Drawers will not relinquish that desperately needed piece of elastic.  It is…

You're looking right at some of the hidden DANGEROUS things in your home, and you're not even SEEING them. Follow the Stars for tips on how to rectify these HAZARDS now!
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10 Hidden Dangers Lurking in Your Home

We spend countless hours cleaning and organizing our homes.  We do this to keep our homes comfortable and healthy.  We want our homes to be aesthetically appealing, Right?  Forget about the beauty of your home and look around you may be missing some very…